I provide a range of Punjabi, Hindi, and Urdu translation and interpretation services, which can be viewed below. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch for a free quotation, or to book a service.

- Police stations – suspects and victims/witnesses interpret Punjabi to English

- Courts – defendants and victims/witnesses in Birmingham London or Manchester

- Solicitors – meetings with clients, prison visits 

- Health service appointments – mental health, occupational health, assessments, therapy sessions, treatment

- Local authorities – safeguarding/child protection incl. LAC review, CP and CIN conferences, core groups meetings, foster placement and adoption proceedings, housing, benefits;

- Mediation – workplace and family mediation

- Loss adjusters and insurers – interviews and statement English to Punjabi

- Health and Safety Executive – interviews and statements

- Employers – staff training and disciplinary procedures

- Manju abides by the terms of NRPSI Code of Conduct and APCI Code of Practice.

Specialisations Birmingham Interpreter

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As a qualified and experienced Punjabi Interpreter and Punjabi translator my specialisations are:  

- Law – contractual documents: contracts, agreements, Terms & conditions, company documents, certificates of incorporation, certificates of good standing, memoranda of association, articles of association and policies translated from English to Punjabi or Punjabi to English.

- Litigation / court /law enforcement – forms, statements, judgments, sentencing remarks;

- Inheritance documents – wills, correspondence linked to estate civil registry documents;

- Education – certificates, qualifications, reports;

- Social Services – forms, assessments, reports, action plans, correspondence

- Tourism – leaflets, visitor guides


Request the proofreading service today to ensure that your project is linguistically well crafted. It takes years and high language proficiency to become an expert proofreader, I will ensure that your project is free of errors and has high readability. 


If you need a deeper examination of your work that exceeds the superficial proofreading for syntax and grammar errors, then the editing services is a perfect match!

It goes beyond the surface and check your texts for organization, fluency, consistency, cohesiveness, and use of proper terminology.